Create an entire blog with a few clicks.


  • Pre-generated pages: The /blog folder contains all the pages to make a professional blog. Authors, categories, articles, etc. are all pre-generated and linking are done automatically.
  • Centralized content: The /blog/_assets/content.js file contains all the blog content (articles, authors, etc.). It's super easy to add/edit content.
  • Beautiful components: The blog comes with 5 handy components like <Avatar /> & <CardArticle /> to make your life easier.
  • SEO-optimized: The blog gets the best SEO practices out of the box. itemProp, schema markup, meta tags, etc. are all set up for you. Google Lighthouse score is close to 100/100.
  • Custom design: The blog has pre-made classes to customize the design to your liking. It's also fully responsive and comes with 20+ themes.
Blog Component


  • Submit your new articles to Google Search Console to get indexed faster.
  • Run a Google Lighthouse test on your articles to see how well they're optimized for SEO.
  • All the blog content lies in the /app/blog folder to avoid cluttering your project. Remove it if you don't need it.