A responsive header with your logo (left), links (center) and a CTA (right). Links and CTA are hidden on mobile and accessible with a burger menu. Add your own logo in the /app folder. Make sure to match the file name in the <Header /> component (currently icon.png).

Header Component DesktopHeader Component Mobile ClosedHeader Component Mobile Open


1import { Suspense } from "react";
2import Header from "@/components/Header";
4export default function Home() {
5  return (
6    <>
7      <Suspense>
8        <Header />
9      </Suspense>
10      <main>
11        ...
12      </main>
13    </>
14  );


  • Unless you're Nike or Apple, visitors have no idea who you are. Keep your brand name small.
  • Try to always have a Pricing link in your header. No matter what you sell, people will look for it.