A beautiful hero section with a title, a supporting headline, image, social proof and CTA.

Hero Component


1import Hero from "@/components/Hero";
3export default function Home() {
4  return (
5    <>
6      <main>
7        <Hero />
8      </main>
9    </>
10  );


  • Your <h1> should answer this question in less than 10 words: "Why should a random visitor stay on your site for more than 10 seconds?". Write about the pain it's relieving, the problem it's solving, or the pleasure it's giving.
  • The supporting headline explain how you deliver what your promise in the title.
  • Your CTA should start with a verb (i.e. Get, Discover, Learn, etc.)
  • Social proof = trust = more conversions. Offer the product to a few people for free in exchange for a genuine testimonial.
  • The image is a like YouTube thumbnail. It should be super easy to understand what your product does just by looking at it.
  • The <Problem /> section should follow this Hero section.